From Head to Toe Board Book

  • Author : Eric Carle
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Release : 1999-03-27
  • ISBN : 9780694013012
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

What does an elephant do? It stomps its foot. Can you? From the creator of such beloved classics as The Grouchy Ladybug and The Mixed-Up Chameleon comes this interactive story that invites kids to imitate animal movements. Watching giraffes bend their necks or monkeys wave their arms is fun, but nothing could be better than joining in. From their heads down to their toes, kids will be wriggling, jiggling, and giggling as they try to keep up with these animals!Alligators wiggle, elephants stop, gorillas thump, and giraffes bend. Can you do it? ‘ I can do it!’ is the confidence-building message of this fun-filled interactive picture book. A variety of familiar animals invite young children to copy their antics, and as they play, they will learn such important skills as careful listening, focusing attention, and following instructions. Just as alphabet books introduce the very young child to letters and simple words, From Head to Toe introduces the basic body parts and simple body movements. And in the same way that children progress from understanding simple words to reading and writing sentences and stories, so they will progress from simple body movements to dancing, gymnastics, and other sports and activities, with confidence and pleasure. Eric Carle's colorful collages have delighted children for more than a generation. Each book provides hours of fun while encouraging them to stretch their imaginations. His matchless words and illustrations now send out a new challenge: Are you ready? Here we go! Move yourself From Head to Toe. A Main Selection of the Children’s Book-of-the-Month Club

From Head to Toe Padded Board Book

  • Author : Eric Carle
  • Publisher : HarperFestival
  • Release : 2018-03-06
  • ISBN : 9780062747662
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Eric Carle, the New York Times bestselling creator of beloved books including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Grouchy Ladybug, presents From Head to Toe, a colorful and energetic book that will have young readers clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and wiggling their toes! Giraffes can bend their necks, monkeys can wave their hands, and donkeys can kick their legs. And so can you! Throughout this interactive book, the animals of From Head to Toe invite young readers to copy their antics as they play. This padded board book has a soft, padded cover and rounded edges, perfect to share with the smallest readers. Through Carle’s vibrant collages and simple instructions, children will learn the importance of listening, exercising, and taking on a new challenge. Join the giraffes, monkeys, donkeys, seals, and more for a frolicking, fun adventure!

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? / Oso bebé, oso bebé, ¿qué ves ahí? (Bilingual board book - English / Spanish)

  • Author : Bill Martin, Jr.
  • Publisher : Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
  • Release : 2020-06-16
  • ISBN : 1250793823
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

A bilingual English and Spanish board book edition of Bill Martin and Eric Carle's classic picture book Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? / Oso bebé, oso bebé, ¿qué ves ahí? Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? is the final collaboration from this bestselling author-illustrator team. Young readers will enjoy Baby Bear's quest to find Mama, and they'll revel in identifying each of the native North American animals that appear along the way. The central focus on the special bond between Mama and baby makes a fitting finale to a beloved series. Oso bebé, oso bebé, ¿qué ves ahí? es la última colaboración del equipo autor-ilustrado más vendido. Los lectores jóvenes disfrutarán la aventura de Oso Bebé en búsqueda de Mamá, y se divertirán identificando cada uno de los animales nativos a Norte América que aparecen en el camino. El enfoque en la conexión especial entre Mamá y bebé hacen de este libro un final perfecto para una serie tan adorada.

Look!: Babies Head to Toe

  • Author : Robie H. Harris
  • Publisher : Abrams
  • Release : 2019-08-27
  • ISBN : 1683353552
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

An adorable book introducing the youngest readers to the names of their body parts, from head to toe! Look! Babies Head to Toe is an exuberant introduction to the parts of the body and the senses. Filled with fun, repetitive sounds and a melodic voice, this book will captivate babies and toddlers. It’s the perfect follow-up to Harris’s first board book, Who?: A Celebration of Babies.

From Head to Toe Big Book

  • Author : Eric Carle
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Release : 2007-05-29
  • ISBN : 0061119725
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Are you ready? Here we go! Move yourself From Head to Toe I can do it! That's what kids will say when they wiggle, stomp, thump, and bend across the pages of this book. Laughter and squeals of delight will abound as boys and girls (and their elders, too!) participate in the action.

I Love You, Baby, from Head to Toe!

  • Author : Karen Pandell
  • Publisher : Candlewick Press
  • Release : 2010
  • ISBN : 0763650897
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Pictures and text celebrate the beauty of babies.

All of Baby, Nose to Toes

  • Author : Victoria Adler
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release : 2009-06-11
  • ISBN : 1101641444
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

From eyes to ears, tummy to nose, legs to toes, there's a lot for baby to discover - and even more for a family to love. Bright, buoyant art and a roly-poly little baby are sure to inspire plenty of giggling and grabbing and feet-in-the-air-ing. For every baby - and every parent who loves that baby to bits - here's the perfect first book.


  • Author : N.A
  • Publisher : Parragon Books
  • Release : 2009
  • ISBN : 9781407581989
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

The Very Busy Spider

  • Author : Eric Carle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Release : 2020-05-05
  • ISBN : 0593382803
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

A spider, blown by the wind to a fence post near a farm yard, begins to build her web and cannot be distracted from the task at hand--not by the horse, cow, sheep, goat, or dog. But when the rooster asks if she wants to catch a pesky fly, the busy spider is able to catch it in her web immediately! "A beautifully executed work for the very young that satisfies the needs of both visually handicapped and sighted children without losing its artistic integrity." The Horn Book, starred review. "Both sighted and blind children will follow the action with ease . . . Visually and verbally, this is a winner." Booklist, starred review.

Love You Head to Toe

  • Author : Ashley Barron
  • Publisher : Owlkids
  • Release : 2020-03-15
  • ISBN : 9781771474030
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

An endearing read-aloud that compares babies to other newborn animals