Get it Together

  • Author : Tim Erickson
  • Publisher : EQUALS
  • Release : 1989
  • ISBN :
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

"'Get It Together' gives math teachers materials to introduce and foster cooperative problem solving in their classrooms. Cooperative learning helps student see that mathematics doesn't have to be learned in isolation. It helps all students succeed in math. 'Get It Together' is a collection of over 100mathematics problems for groups of 2-6 students in grades 4 and beyond. The problems cover a wide range of subject matter and difficulty. The book also includes advice on management and assessment"--Cover, p. 4.

Get It Together: Ditch the Chaos, Do the Work, and Design your Success

  • Author : Lauren Berger
  • Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional
  • Release : 2018-10-19
  • ISBN : 1260142965
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

This super-practical guide to personal success is packed with no-nonsense tips that will get anyone where they want to be in business and in life Why do you always feel so BUSY? You are constantly adding to your to-do list, drowning in tasks at the office, and still can’t get on top of your workload. You work so hard and yet you’re not where you want to be in your career and in your life. How can that be? Get It Together gets to the bottom of this question and provides you with the tools and insights you need to transform your career—and finally live the life you always dreamed of. Career-management expert, bestselling author, and in-demand speaker, Lauren Berger is here to help you break your current habits, get out of your own way, and not only set, but master your very own personalized goals. Get It Together provides 17 guiding principles for achieving ultimate success, including: •Always self-evaluate •Cope with failure—it’s inevitable •Determine your goals •Stop getting ready to get ready •Know your priorities Embrace and apply these principles and you’ll have the foundation you need to create real and lasting success—both professionally and personally. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking more clearly, approaching tasks with a greater sense of purpose, and generating unthinkable results . It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and make the most of your time by aligning your actions with your priorities. It’s time, once and for all, to GET IT TOGETHER.

Get it Together

  • Author : N.A
  • Publisher : Nolo
  • Release : 1992
  • ISBN : 1413323154
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Get It Together

  • Author : Scott Paly
  • Publisher : Sp Publications LLC
  • Release : 2017-11-15
  • ISBN : 9780692962190
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

This book is about taking control and setting yourself up for a successful life. That¿s it. What you do with that control is entirely up to you. There are a few things you¿ll need to know to Get It Together:-Finding a Mentor-Traditional Values (like Keeping Commitments)-How to Get Into (and Pay For) College-How to Write a Resume-How to Get (and Have) a Successful Job Interview-How to Get and Keep a Job-Handling Bank Accounts and Credit Cards-Buying Smart-Saving for the Future-Paying Taxes-Renting an Apartment-Getting Good Friends and Roommates-Buying (and Taking Care of) a Car-Eating Smart-Keeping Safe-How to Do Your Laundry-Cooking for Yourself¿and More

Get It Together, Delilah!

  • Author : Erin Gough
  • Publisher : Chronicle Books
  • Release : 2017-04-04
  • ISBN : 1452152276
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Seventeen-year-old Delilah Green wouldn't have chosen to do her last year of school this way, but she figures it's working fine. While her dad goes on a trip to fix his broken heart after her mom left him for another man, Del manages the family cafe. Easy, she thinks. But what about homework? Or the nasty posse of mean girls making her life hell? Or her best friend who won't stop guilt-tripping her? Or her other best friend who might go to jail for love if Del doesn't do something? But really, who cares about any of that when all Del can think about is beautiful Rosa who dances every night across the street. . . . Until one day Rosa comes in the cafe door. And if Rosa starts thinking about Del, too, then how in the name of caramel milkshakes will Del get the rest of it together?


  • Author : Roadmap Nation,Brian McAllister,Mike Marriner,Nathan Gebhard
  • Publisher : Chronicle Books
  • Release : 2020-04-07
  • ISBN : 1452173664
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

The New York Times bestseller is back! The career workbook Roadmap is better than ever. Roadmap has been updated and expanded with tons of brand new content—including chapters on changing directions mid-career and not letting your past define your future. Through inspirational stories and interviews, journal-like prompts, and practical career development information, this helpful resource will steer students, recent graduates, and career-changers toward an authentic, fulfilling life. • Features fresh perspectives from people like singer-songwriter John Legend, surfing world champion Layne Beachley, and MacArthur fellow and radio host Jad Abumrad • Full of advice for people seeking a fulfilling work life that will make them happy and keep them engaged • A self-mapped guide to creating a rewarding and satisfying work life Roadtrip Nation, based in Costa Mesa, was founded by Nathan Gebhard, Mike Marriner, and Brian McAllister in 2001, and has grown into a national career exploration movement, educational organization, and PBS series. Since its original publication in 2015, the team at Roadtrip Nation has continued to travel the world and interview accomplished individuals about their path to success. • Great for recent college graduates, interns, or anyone questioning their career path and in need of advice and a fresh perspective • Useful as a resource for career advisers, educators, and companies who want to foster an engaged workforce • Add it to the collection of books like What Color Is Your Parachute? 2019: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, and How to Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Life by Caroline Webb

Girl, Get It Together

  • Author : Amber Dee
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 2016-05-17
  • ISBN : 9780997323603
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Are you tired of living the same life day after day with no progression? Are you feeling stagnate in life and can't seem to shift into "get it together" mode? Have you found yourself saying the classic phrase - This year will be the year - only to still be in the same place? I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Girl, You Need to Get It Together. Yes, the struggle is real and with this book you'll learn to turn struggle into success. With real talk and girl to girl knowledge sharing, Girl, Get It Together is a road map to assist you with unlocking your passion, formulating your thoughts, and putting your plan in action. All you need is persistence and passion to get on this ride. If you are ready to take your life to the next level and move from where you are to where you want to be, put on your best heels because you're about to arrive in style. Now girl...I say to you...let's Get It Together! For more information about Amber Dee, visit

Weaving It Together 2

  • Author : Milada Broukal
  • Publisher : Heinle ELT
  • Release : 2015-01-05
  • ISBN : 9781305251656
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Weaving It Together helps learners build reading and writing skills through relevant readings and carefully structured writing exercises. By balancing these two necessary competencies, learners seamlessly develop both language and academic skills.

Get It Together

  • Author : Melanie Cullen,Shae Irving
  • Publisher : Nolo
  • Release : 2016-09-21
  • ISBN : 1413323162
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Get your life organized with the best workbook available! Paperwork, personal information, and passwords aren’t always easy to find, and organizing your records can seem like an intimidating task. But, whether you need to get a handle on records for yourself, your family or your executor, Get It Together will show you how to organize: instructions for survivors secured places and passwords estate planning documents funeral arrangements employment records insurance policies tax records retirement accounts government benefits real estate records and more. For those concerned about sensitive information like passwords, Get It Together lets you: Securely store an unlimited number of passwords while keeping them handy. Decide whether you want to record your information electronically or by hand. Choose the way you want to organize your passwords—for example, alphabetically or by type of product or service. Easily add related notes, such as security questions. This workbook provides a complete system for structuring and organizing your information and documents into a records binder. For each topic, you will find helpful content, rich resources and step-by-step instructions. All forms are downloadable through a link printed in the book.

A Real Guide to Really Getting It Together Once and for All

  • Author : Ashley Rickards
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Release : 2015-03-31
  • ISBN : 0373893132
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

The author shares anecdotes, advice, and cringe-inducing jokes based on her own experiences of being an insecure misfit, and counsels readers on fitness, grooming, and pursuing healthy goals.