Mouse Paint

  • Author : Ellen Stoll Walsh
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Release : 2006-03
  • ISBN : 9780152055332
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Three white mice discover jars of red, blue, and yellow paint and explore the world of color.

Mouse Count

  • Author : Ellen Stoll Walsh
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Release : 2006
  • ISBN : 9780152056995
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Ten mice outsmart a hungry snake.

Mouse Shapes

  • Author : Ellen Stoll Walsh
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Release : 2017-09-12
  • ISBN : 1328740536
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Three mice make a variety of things out of different shapes as they hide from a scary cat.

Of Mouse and Man

  • Author : Jim'll Paint It
  • Publisher : Unbound Publishing
  • Release : 2019-10-17
  • ISBN : 1783528419
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

‘Ask me to paint anything you wish and I will try no matter how specific or surreal your demands. You name it. I’ll paint it. On Paint.’ Jim has painted some truly unhinged requests – from ‘Kanye West giving birth to himself’ and 'Ross Kemp on toast' to 'A swan wearing Björk as a dress' and ‘Bill Oddie beating Hitler at Catchphrase’ – each brought to life with painstaking detail using nothing but an archaic version of Microsoft Paint and an optical mouse. Many have since become beloved icons of British internet culture, such as ‘The chestburster scene from Alien portrayed by famous TV puppets’ and the infamous 'Tory Squat Party'. Of Mouse and Man is the very best of Jim’s first five years of work alongside never-before-seen material and unique insights into his creative process.

Mouse Magic

  • Author : Ellen Stoll Walsh
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 2001
  • ISBN : 9780439321051
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Kit and the Wizard experiment with colors, finding that some colors vibrate when placed next to each other.

Dot & Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery

  • Author : Ellen Stoll Walsh
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Release : 2016-09-13
  • ISBN : 132866158X
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Dot and Jabber are mouse detectives with a mission: They’re determined to find out how a little oak tree grew in their field when there are no other oak trees around. They know it grew from an acorn, but how did the acorn get there? Dot and Jabber have a case to crack--if Jabber doesn’t eat the clues first! Ellen Stoll Walsh, creator of the popular Mouse Paint mice, introduces two new mice who love mysteries. Full of curiosity and humor, Dot and Jabber track clues to solve science mysteries for young readers. An afterword presents easy-to-understand facts about acorns and oak trees.

Rainbow Stew

  • Author : Cathryn Falwell
  • Publisher : Lee & Low Books
  • Release : 2019-04-09
  • ISBN : 9781643790572
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

In this celebration of gardening and healthy eating, siblings pick vegetables on a rainy day to make Rainbow Stew with Grandpa.

Mouse and Hippo

  • Author : Mike Twohy
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release : 2017-02-07
  • ISBN : 1481451243
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

"When Hippo saves Mouse after he falls into the lake, Mouse paints his new friend's portrait to thank him"--

The Color Monster

  • Author : Anna Llenas
  • Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Release : 2018-09-04
  • ISBN : 0316450049
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

The international bestseller that helps young children identify emotions and feel more in control, now available in a classic picture book format. One day, Color Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through color. As this adorable monster learns to sort and define his mixed up emotions, he gains self-awareness and peace as a result. Caregivers will enjoy sharing this concept book that taps into both socio-emotional growth and color concepts in a simple, friendly way.

Mixed: A Colorful Story

  • Author : Arree Chung
  • Publisher : Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
  • Release : 2018-07-03
  • ISBN : 1250210496
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

The reds, the yellows, and the blues all think they're the best in this vibrant, thought-provoking picture book from Arree Chung, with a message of acceptance and unity. In the beginning, there were three colors . . . Reds, Yellows, and Blues. All special in their own ways, all living in harmony—until one day, a Red says "Reds are the best!" and starts a color kerfuffle. When the colors decide to separate, is there anything that can change their minds? A Yellow, a Blue, and a never-before-seen color might just save the day in this inspiring book about color, tolerance, and embracing differences.