Summoned The Novel

📒Summoned The Novel ✍ Stanley W. Griffin

â™ Book Title : Summoned The Novel
✍Author : Stanley W. Griffin
â™›Publisher : STM Entertainment
♣Release Date : 2008-08-10
âśżPages : 321
â™ ISBN :
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťSummoned The Novel Book Synopsis : Dr. Michael Stein a Genetic Research scientist is contacted by the Department of Defense to come to Washington D.C. to work with a group of scientist to help build the most advanced aerial reconnaissance vehicle ever devised by man. Dragonfly will be part computerized mechanical and part living biological matter. Dr. Stein discovers that the government is secretly using his unique abilities of abstraction of DNA stands to build something so horrifying that if unleashed it will terrorize planet earth, and billions of people will be stung. Caught up in a web of lies and deceit, will Dr. Stein find out the truth and stop the government from completing their plans and opening one of the doors to Armageddon.

📒Summoned The Novel ✍ STM Entertainment

â™ Book Title : Summoned the Novel
✍Author : STM Entertainment
â™›Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2008
âśżPages : 140
â™ ISBN : 0615237282
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťSummoned the Novel Book Synopsis : Summoned The Novel is a Genetic Biological Science Fiction Thriller. It connects the Supreme Court Decision of (Roe V. Wade) to a prophetic passage of scriptures in the Book of Revelations. Summoned is a Riveting Novel that is not just political, but also Genetic and Biological and the Story quickly swings from that to the Dark side of humanity of witchcraft and Satanism and Demonology. The Story moves along quickly and makes its point very poignantly taking you to a conclusion that is very horrifying and will make you believe that there are things about our universe that are right before our eyes and yet they are hidden at the same time. Summoned The Novel is an intriguing look into the Possibility of what lies ahead for mankind in his never ending quest to be the best and get the upper hand on his enemy's. SummonedÂż shows MankindÂżs willingness to cross the lines of God and nature to achieve that goal. Whether you're Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, one thing for sure you'll be amazed at the tangled web this book weaves that points to the Book of Revelations. So if you're squeamish and are afraid of things that go bump in the night, this is a book that should be read only in daylight. Summoned The Novel is Vicious, Vituperative, Vitriolic, and Visceral and you will be able to feel the disdain that evil forces have for Mankind. There are moments of light hearted dialogue in this books forceful nature.

â™ Book Title : Summoning Shadows A Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novel
✍Author : Winter Pennington
â™›Publisher : Bold Strokes Books Inc
♣Release Date : 2012-08-01
âśżPages : 352
â™ ISBN : 9781602827202
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Summoning Shadows A Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novel Book Synopsis : Epiphany has risen in clan status among the Rosso Lussuria vampires. Declared Elder and Inamorata, to raise a hand against her is to raise a hand against Queen Renata herself. She has taken Iliaria, the Great Siren Dracule, as her lover and ally, wearing Iliaria’s sigil as a sign of their unlikely alliance. While Epiphany bears her mark, Iliaria upholds her oath and hunts one of her own—the traitor Damokles who seeks to destroy the vampire-kind. Yet Damokles is not the only renegade Dracule who wants to see the fall of the Rosso Lussuria. The Draculian society is split in two—those who seek to protect Azrael’s Gift and those who seek to eliminate it. The Rosso Lussuria face enemies both old and new. Dismantling a reign of impending terror and uniting a clan is not so easily done when those close to you are all too adept at keeping their own council and agendas. The second Rosso Lussuria Vampire Novel.

â™ Book Title : Summoned to Thirteenth Grave
✍Author : Darynda Jones
â™›Publisher : St. Martin's Press
♣Release Date : 2019-01-15
âśżPages : 352
â™ ISBN : 9781250149435
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Summoned to Thirteenth Grave Book Synopsis : Grim Reaper Charley Davidson is back in the final installment of Darynda Jones’ New York Times bestselling paranormal series--Summoned to Thirteenth Grave. Charley Davidson, Grim Reaper extraordinaire, is pissed. She’s been kicked off the earthly plane for eternity –which is exactly the amount of time it takes to make a person stark, raving mad. But someone’s looking out for her, and she’s allowed to return after a mere hundred years in exile. Is it too much to hope for that not much has changed? Apparently it is. Bummer. She’s missed her daughter. She’s missed Reyes. She’s missed Cookie and Garrett and Uncle Bob. But now that she’s back on earth, it’s time to put to rest burning questions that need answers. What happened to her mother? How did she really die? Who killed her? And are cupcakes or coffee the best medicine for a broken heart? It all comes to a head in an epic showdown between good and evil in this final smart and hilarious novel.

â™ Book Title : The Darkest Powers Series Book 1 The Summoning
✍Author : Kelley Armstrong
â™›Publisher : Penguin Group
♣Release Date : 2009-05-29
âśżPages : 400
â™ ISBN : 9780307373229
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Darkest Powers Series Book 1 The Summoning Book Synopsis : After years of frequent moves following her mother’s death, Chloe Saunders’s life is finally settling down. She is attending art school, pursuing her dreams of becoming a director, making friends, meeting boys. Her biggest concern is that she’s not developing as fast as her friends are. But when puberty does hit, it brings more than hormone surges. Chloe starts seeing ghosts–everywhere, demanding her attention. After she suffers a breakdown, her devoted aunt Lauren gets her into a highly recommended group home. At first, Lyle House seems a pretty okay place, except for Chloe’s small problem of fearing she might be facing a lifetime of mental illness. But as she gradually gets to know the other kids at the home–charming Simon and his ominous, unsmiling brother Derek, obnoxious Tori, and Rae, who has a “thing” for fire–Chloe begins to realize that there is something that binds them all together, and it isn’t your usual “problem kid” behaviour. And together they discover that Lyle House is not your usual group home either… From the Trade Paperback edition.

â™ Book Title : The Summoning Book 1 in the Gatekeepers Series
✍Author : Norah Wilson
â™›Publisher : Something Shiny Press
♣Release Date : 2011-04-27
âśżPages : 240
â™ ISBN : 9780986705557
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝The Summoning Book 1 in the Gatekeepers Series Book Synopsis : All is not well in Chthonic City, Maine. People are anxious, sleepless. Road rage is on the rise, and the ERs overflow with domestic and workplace violence. Why? Because the citizens of Chthonic City are having recurring, terrifying nightmares about demons rising to walk among them, and they’re snapping. In fact, demons ARE rising. Slowly. One at a time, to dwell unnoticed among us as they multiply our misery. And they’re rising in Chthonic City where the veil between the Chthonic (the Underworld for which the City was named, though the meaning of the word has been long forgotten) and earthly reality is very thin. Demons cannot rise until a human soul is driven mad. Over the millennia, demons have crossed as they could, but never before has humanity been so stressed as it is now in the Western world. Never before have we been so starved for time, touch, meaning, purpose. Never have our circuits been so overloaded with gloom and doom, economically, environmentally, spiritually. Never before have the demons had such a vulnerable population. Scenting a chance to break free in numbers, they hurl themselves into our dreams, battering at our sanity. But these demons are not unopposed. In a crumbling church on the edge of town, an ancient Guardian has been watching and waiting. When the threat from the Underworld surges, the Guardian's job is to send out a call to a fresh crop – a cell – of Gatekeepers, and train them to descend into the Chthonic through the dream state and do battle with the demons, slaying them there before they can cross the threshold. In Chthonic City, a new cell of Gatekeepers – teenagers all – has just been summoned....

📒In Summons To The Past ✍ Christopher T. Yarbrough

â™ Book Title : In Summons to the Past
✍Author : Christopher T. Yarbrough
â™›Publisher : Tate Publishing
♣Release Date : 2011
âśżPages : 381
â™ ISBN : 9781617776359
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťIn Summons to the Past Book Synopsis : I respectfully request, sir, that you devote full attention to this matter in his memory and on behalf of a city that has long forgotten his sacrifice...While I judge you not for the past sins of White Pines, I do charge you with atonement for his unsolved murder now that you are in the position of privilege to address this matter. Newly appointed White Pines, North Carolina, Police Chief William H. Parker is baffled by the mysterious death of a patrolman almost fifty years ago. George A. Hartley's body was discovered in an elevator shaft; and although reliable outside sources deemed it a homicide, local authorities consistently propagated it was accidental. His death comes to Parker's attention from a letter of a surviving son, asking him to investigate recurring rumors and harder realities long ignored by former chiefs. This letter serves as a summons to this haunted past. What Chief Parker finds is that the police department's case file no longer exists. Photographs of the crime scene are missing. Inquest records have disappeared. There is not only the question of who murdered the patrolman but also why the case was buried so deeply in the town's dark history. Based on a true story, In Summons to the Past portrays the timeless sorrow resurrected in the surviving son and the challenges of a case complicated by time. Is Chief Parker better off leaving some harder truths to the past? Will his conscience prevail in his steadfast belief that justice, even when delayed, is still justice? Through his perseverance, he is led to a surviving person of interest haunted by the murder, one obsessed with the book of Ecclesiastes now in the mid-winter of his years.

â™ Book Title : Echoes in the Dark The Summoning Book 5
✍Author : Robin D. Owens
â™›Publisher : HarperCollins UK
♣Release Date : 2011-11-01
âśżPages : 249
â™ ISBN : 9781408976128
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


đź“ťEchoes in the Dark The Summoning Book 5 Book Synopsis : The planet is dying, slowly being drained by an alien Dark, and only one last, desperate plan can save it.

â™ Book Title : How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Volume 11
✍Author : Yukiya Murasaki
â™›Publisher : J-Novel Club
♣Release Date : 2019-12-02
âśżPages :
â™ ISBN : 9781718317208
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Volume 11 Book Synopsis : The MMORPG Cross Reverie’s top player, Takuma Sakamoto, is summoned to another world and forced to play the role of the Demon Lord Diablo! After purchasing a new set of rings with Sylvie’s help (and completely unrelated to a certain coupon he got), Diablo visits the capital. But he becomes involved in a certain incident at the sorcerer’s academy and ends up attracting the attention of the Order of Palace Knights. Taken to meet the king, Diablo grandly declares: “I am Diablo! A Demon Lord from another world!” Accepting a quest from the king, Diablo makes his way to the south, where Rem’s hometown is. But when they see her family’s home and business, Rem declares flatly – “They’re basically like the yakuza.” This is the eleventh volume of the adventures of an earth-shakingly powerful Demon Lord (or at least someone who acts like one) taking on another world!

📒Bird Summons ✍ Leila Aboulela

â™ Book Title : Bird Summons
✍Author : Leila Aboulela
â™›Publisher : Grove Press
♣Release Date : 2020-02-11
âśżPages :
â™ ISBN : 9780802149169
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Bird Summons Book Synopsis : In her adventurous new novel, New York Times Notable author Leila Aboulela delivers a lively portrait of three women who embark on a journey of self-discovery while grappling with the conflicting demands of family, duty, and faith. When Salma, Moni, and Iman—friends and active members of their local Muslim Women's group—decide to take a road trip together to the Scottish Highlands, they leave behind lives often dominated by obligation, frustrated desire, and dull predictability. Each wants something more out of life, but fears the cost of taking it. Salma is successful and happily married, but tempted to risk it all when she's contacted by her first love back in Egypt; Moni gave up a career in banking to care for her disabled son without the help of her indifferent husband; and Iman, in her twenties and already on her third marriage, longs for the freedom and autonomy she's never known. When the women are visited by the Hoopoe, a sacred bird from Muslim and Celtic literature, they are compelled to question their relationships to faith and femininity, love, loyalty, and sacrifice. Brilliantly imagined, thoughtful and wise, Bird Summons confirms Leila Aboulela's reputation as one of our finest contemporary writers.