The Unseen Realm: A Fresh Look Into The Second Dimension

  • Author : Phillip Corbett
  • Publisher : Evergreen Press (AL)
  • Release : 2019-04-15
  • ISBN : 9781581697063
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Angels carry a leading role in the things God does on Earth. God included the realm of angels in His Word because it is important to remember they are also sent to assist us in our everyday lives. From Genesis to Revelation, angels are clearly God's agents. The second dimension, sometimes referred to as "the unseen realm," may only be visible, or seen, by those who believe in it. When understood, you can fearlessly work with God, and those messengers He has sent to help you, to experience your breakthrough, receive provision, and accomplish His Kingdom purposes.

The Unseen Realm

  • Author : Heiser, Michael S.
  • Publisher : Lexham Press
  • Release : 2015-09-01
  • ISBN : 1577995570
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

In The Unseen Realm, Dr. Michael Heiser examines the ancient context of Scripture, explaining how its supernatural worldview can help us grow in our understanding of God. He illuminates intriguing and amazing passages of the Bible that have been hiding in plain sight. You'll find yourself engaged in an enthusiastic pursuit of the truth, resulting in a new appreciation for God's Word. Why wasn't Eve surprised when the serpent spoke to her? How did descendants of the Nephilim survive the flood? Why did Jacob fuse Yahweh and his Angel together in his prayer? Who are the assembly of divine beings that God presides over? In what way do those beings participate in God's decisions? Why do Peter and Jude promote belief in imprisoned spirits? Why does Paul describe evil spirits in terms of geographical rulership? Who are the "glorious ones" that even angels dare not rebuke? After reading this book, you may never read your Bible the same way again. Endorsements "There is a world referred to in the Scripture that is quite unseen, but also quite present and active. Michael Heiser's The Unseen Realm seeks to unmask this world. Heiser shows how important it is to understand this world and appreciate how its contribution helps to make sense of Scripture. The book is clear and well done, treating many ideas and themes that often go unseen themselves. With this book, such themes will no longer be neglected, so read it and discover a new realm for reflection about what Scripture teaches." --Darrell L. Bock, Executive Director for Cultural Engagement, Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement "'How was it possible that I had never seen that before?' Dr. Heiser's survey of the complex reality of the supernatural world as the Scriptures portray it covers a subject that is strangely sidestepped. No one is going to agree with everything in his book, but the subject deserves careful study, and so does this book." --John Goldingay, David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament, School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary "This is a 'big' book in the best sense of the term. It is big in its scope and in its depth of analysis. Michael Heiser is a scholar who knows Scripture intimately in its ancient cultural context. All--scholars, clergy, and laypeople--who read this profound and accessible book will grow in their understanding of both the Old and New Testaments, particularly as their eyes are opened to the Bible's 'unseen world.'" --Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College


  • Author : Heiser, Michael S.
  • Publisher : Lexham Press
  • Release : 2015-11-10
  • ISBN : 1577995597
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Dr. Michael S. Heiser presents fifteen years of research on what the Bible really says about the unseen world of the supernatural, unfiltered by tradition or by theological presuppositions. Who were the sons of God? Who were the Nephilim? Where do angels fit into the supernatural hierarchy? What relation does Jesus bear to the rest of the supernatural world? Heiser tackles these questions and many more as he shines a light on the ancient context of Scripture. After reading this book, you may never read your Bible the same way again. In Supernatural, Heiser takes the core message from his recent best-seller, The Unseen Realm, and presents it for the person in the pew. He offers the same approach to reading and understanding Scripture, but without all the extra footnotes and supporting information needed for the scholarly treatment. “We can’t believe what we don’t understand. In Supernatural, Michael Heiser helps us to do both. It may open your eyes to the scripture in a new way.” —John Ortberg, author of If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

The Second Dimension

  • Author : Ethan Wood
  • Publisher : CreateSpace
  • Release : 2015-02-08
  • ISBN : 9781505724806
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Charlie hoped the Halloween cruise with his family would be scary, even though it couldn't be as horrifying as his fight last year to save his family from the creatures in his attic trunk. The police had promised to demolish that trunk and all the creatures inside. So, he was shocked to see that very trunk, with the gold and red eye, being loaded onto their ship. Charlie was going to have to find and destroy it himself, once and for all. That meant dealing with another vicious creature, their sinking ship and huge sharks. But..he could not let the evil contents of that trunk destroy them all!

Second Story Window: What Gets Into Your Head Gets Into Your Heart

  • Author : Phillip Corbett
  • Publisher : Evergreen Press (AL)
  • Release : 2019-04-15
  • ISBN : 9781581697070
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Wherever you turn, you will find people who are being trauma- tized by past events in their life. Trauma may come to a person from bad decisions they've made, from things done to them against their will, or from unfortunate circumstances. When trauma comes, it can leave scars that are not adequately dealt with, and they can become an accepted part of life. When something gets into a person's head, it will get into their heart and can affect them negatively. When such a condition cannot be remedied through conventional medicine, counselling, or prayer, the situation must be looked at on a deeper, spiritual level. The good news is, deliverance and hope can be found.

School of the Seers

  • Author : Jonathan Welton
  • Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers
  • Release : 2009-09-28
  • ISBN : 076849656X
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Your how-to guide into the spirit realm! Get ready to enter the world of a seer! In this groundbreaking and revolutionary book, Jonathan Welton describes his unique journey about how God opened his spiritual eyes. He shares how you too can activate this gift in your life. The School of the Seers is the how-to guide for seeing into the spirit realm. Making insightful use of anecdotal stories, the author helps you discover vital keys from the Scripture to: See with your spiritual eyes. Use the four keys to greater experiences. Recognize what may be hindering your discernment. Access divine secrets and steward heavenly revelation. Learn how to really worship in Spirit and in Truth. Understand meditation, impartation, and so much more. The fresh and profound concepts taught in this book take a mystical subject--seers and the spirit realm--and make it relevant for your everyday life!

The Veil

  • Author : Blake K. Healy
  • Publisher : Charisma Media
  • Release : 2018-01-09
  • ISBN : 1629994979
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

For as long as he can remember, Blake K. Healy has seen angels and demons. He sees them as clearly as he would see you if you were standing right in front of him. He sees angels dancing in worship services and whispering words of encouragement in people’s ears. He also sees demons latching on to people and perpetuating addiction and bitterness in their hearts. The Veil chronicles how Blake matured in this gifting, while overcoming the fear and confusion of what he saw, how he learned to use his gift of seeing for God’s glory, and how to teach others to do the same. This new and updated version of The Veil also includes a brief guide on how to begin growing in the gift of seeing in the spirit yourself, as well as an appendix of scriptural references to the spirit realm and angels, along with Blake’s commentary on these passages.

Seeing the Unseen

  • Author : Joe Beam
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release : 2010-05-11
  • ISBN : 9781439122723
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

There's a WAR Going on...and Your FAITH Is at Stake. Imagine for a minute that you are in a war. You're on the frontlines. You see the explosions And you smell the smoke. Wounded loved ones are falling around you, and you want to fight back; but the unseen enemy seems to be everywhere, and he seems to have the advantage. If only you could know the plans and strategies of this unseen enemy, then you could know where he will strike next and how to fight him. This war, of course, is not between two countries and is not waged with earthly weapons, but it is very real, and you are living in it right now. This war is spiritual, and the enemy you fight is not of this world but of the unseen spiritual world. In this newly revised and updated bestseller, Joe Beam reveal Satan's powerful weaponry -- his lies, deceptions, and manipulations -- and unmasks his strategy to destroy your life and those you care for. This is not a book of wild sensationalism; rather, it is a dedicated study of God's Word and a sharing of stories of tragedy and triumph. Open this book, uncover your enemy, and prepare for victory.

Reversing Hermon

  • Author : Michael S. Heiser
  • Publisher : Defender
  • Release : 2017-03-15
  • ISBN : 9780998142630
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De

Reversing Hermon is a groundbreaking work. It unveils what most in the modern Church have never heard regarding how the story of the sin of the Watchers in 1 Enoch 6-16 helped frame the mission of Jesus, the messiah. Jews of the first century expected the messiah to reverse the impact of the Watchers' transgression. For Jews of Jesus' day, the Watchers were part of the explanation for why the world was so profoundly depraved. The messiah would not just revoke the claim of Satan on human souls and estrangement from God, solving the predicament of the Fall. He would also not only bring the nations back into relationship with the true God by defeating the principalities and powers that governed them. Jews also believed that the messiah would rescue humanity from self-destruction, the catalyst for which was the sin of the Watchers and the influence of what they had taught humankind. The role of Enoch's retelling of Genesis 6:1-4 in how New Testament writers wrote of Jesus and the cross has been largely lost to a modern audience. Reversing Hermon rectifies that situation. Topics include:* How the ancient Mesopotamian story of the apkallu aligns with Gen 6:1-4, was preserved in 1 Enoch, and sets the stage for the theme of reversing the evil of the Watchers* How the theme of reversing the transgression of the Watchers colors the gospel accounts of the birth of Jesus, his genealogy, and his ministry.* How the writings of Peter and Paul allude to the sin of the Watchers and present Jesus as overturning the disastrous effects of their sins against humanity.* How the descriptions of the antichrist, the end-times Day of the Lord, and the final judgment connect to Genesis 6 and the nephilim.Though every topic addressed in Reversing Hermon can be found in scholarly academic literature, Reversing Hermon is the first book to gather this information and make it accessible to Bible students everywhere.

The Middle East, Abstracts and Index

  • Author : N.A
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 2002
  • ISBN :
  • Language : En, Es, Fr & De