Undeniable A Cloverleigh Farms Standalone

📒Undeniable ✍ Melanie Harlow

♠Book Title : Undeniable
✍Author : Melanie Harlow
♛Publisher : Independently Published
♣Release Date : 2019-05-02
✿Pages : 267
♠ISBN : 1096657155
♬Language : English, Spanish, And French


📝Undeniable Book Synopsis : From USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow comes a heartwarming childhood frenemies-to-lovers, second chance romance!When we were eleven, Oliver Ford Pemberton dared me to jump off a barn roof. He said you couldn't break a leg from a 12-foot jump.He lied.(You can also break a collarbone, which served him right as far as I was concerned.) I wish I could say it was the last dare I ever took from him, the last bet I ever made with him, the last time I ever trusted Oliver Ford Pemberton.But it wasn't. Because he had the nerve to grow up gorgeous, charming, and sexy. And as we got older, the dares only got dirtier--and the betting stakes higher--until finally, he left me in pieces. I swore I'd never talk to him again.But twenty years after I took that flying leap, he's back in my life, daring me to risk everything for him: my job, my self-worth, and my heart. How many chances does true love deserve?